ConVer® 146 Goods Only Lift

The ConVer® 146 Goods Only Lift is designed for transporting unit loads of up to 2000 kg between floors. Thanks to it’s compact design, it can be installed almost anywhere with very little additional work, time or costs.

The ConVer® 146 has been engineered to meet the requirements of machine directive 2006/42, and according to the Operational Safety Ordnance, does not require additional testing by TÜV. Periodic testing is required which can be carried our by a competent person during routine maintenance.

  • Assembly
    Stable, self supporting construction.
    Depending on Load Capacity, a shallow pit or a small ramp of 70 to 110 mm is required. No cutting or welding is required during installation.
  • Drive
    The drive is mounted at the top of the elevator structure optionally on the right or left.
  • Safety
    The ConVer® 146 is, as standard, equipped with a high degree of safety devices with additional options to suit individual requirements by request.
  • Doors
    The elevator landing doors are manufactured to DIN18090 and are accepted as a fire seal. Single or double leaf car doors, manual or automatic are available.
  • Controls
    Standard Lifts available for between 2 and 6 stopping positions with up to 12 doors. The ConVer® 146 is operated externally with call and send buttons.

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