Aitech Mechatronics (S) Pte Ltd

We are constantly improving the business landscape by introducing cost-effective, dependable products and technical assistance to our clients.

Discover the beauty of logistics automation – where allows your staff to focus more on higher-value duties and service customers faster by automating time-consuming menial processes.

Automated equipment frequently performs tasks more quickly and precisely than people. More profitability for businesses may result from this improved productivity. It can also enable businesses to grow into new markets.

In all, reap the benefits of automation, which include higher production rates and enhanced productivity, more effective material utilization, better product quality, improved safety, shorter labor workweeks, and shorter lead times for manufacturing.

Our humble beginnings date back to 1996 when we first started to introduce innovative technology in our design process. Our primary focus was to address the consumer’s needs with what is technologically feasible and improve the user’s experience.

To date, it has since been applied to our industrial engineering projects, test & vision inspection systems, robotic handling systems, and automation equipment. 

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